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As a Fun Group Tarot Company, we believe great things happen when you get a group of people together for an activity. Teamwork is a necessary part of any successful business. Running a company can get stressful, so it's important to take time for yourself and your team from time to time. For this reason, our company offers dozens of challenging and exciting team-building activities that help bring people together in ways not possible during the regular day-to-day activities of life.


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“Amazing teambuilding experience! A+++” David, Salesforce

 Rated 5 Star by over 600 companies

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Virtual &
In-Person Experiences

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Drinks and Tarot

Perfect for Team Happy Hours, Groups, Parties, and Fun!

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with Therapy Dog

Perfect for Teams


Fun Group Tarot

Founded in 2019, Fun Group Tarot is your solution for the best virtual corporate events and the best hosted virtual team events. Fun Group Tarot is a Best seller on virtual team building platforms including Airbnb and Join Unlock. Our clients love us because we are the only hosted virtual team building experience that features a host who is a Certified Tarot Consultant, an Intuitive Certified coach backed by an MBA as well as 20+ years of experience in business.

Our hosted virtual events are fun and connect teams at a deeper level with a consciousness tarot deck. We are a global event company offering unique experiences to both small and large groups to all levels of your organization.

We provide:

  • Hosted virtual team building events where every participant gets a tarot cards reading
  • Virtual team events that are fun for everyone
  • A fun innovative experience for virtual team collaboration.

A Magic Duo

Drinks and Group

Take your team happy hour to a whole new level! Ideal for teams that want a casual atmosphere and are looking to connect in a fun and unique way. This is a great way to get everyone engaged.

Experience Drinks and Tarot, the magical duo and learn how to make The Voyager Sun cocktail. Get individual and team tarot readings as you sip on your mystical creation. Teams burst out in laughter and the chat box explodes during this experience.

5 star rated by more than 450 companies including Apple, Google, Meta, Pinterest, Amazon, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Yelp and EY.

Starting at $20/person
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A Zen Combo

Dog and Tarot

Our best selling virtual corporate wellness event. Give your group an experience they’ll thank you for!

Your group will get an introduction to the world of tarot complete with an individual reading in the company of Lalie, the Zen service dog who lends her calm presence to our experience.

This is the ultimate virtual corporate event for team building. Great for teams looking to de-stress and to build connections between old and new team members. Get your team to bring their pets and let’s take a memorable photo!

Starting at $19/person

Custom Tarot

A team-building activity is a perfect way to strengthen your company's bond and create a memorable experience. Our interactive programs focus on what makes you unique, so your team gets to know each other in a deeper way. They help you open up and share your potential in a constructive but fun environment, giving them the chance to see their colleagues as more than just coworkers.

Fun Group Tarot is a highly personalized and unique event that combines performance art and group facilitation to create a memorable experience. Each customized event features a different theme and provides an interactive means of bringing people together in a non-threatening way. After we get to know you better via an initial consultation, your group will receive a custom-tailored reading of tarot cards specifically made to suit the needs of your unique event and group members. Get the creativity flowing by choosing readings from our extensive list of themed readings or creating your own custom activity. Whether you need a quick boost at staff meetings or want to celebrate your company's victories together, Fun Group Tarot will provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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META, March 2022
“I cannot recommend this group activity enough! Most of the team was new to tarot and everyone said it was the best offsite we’d had to date. Claudine is a really skilled reader. She went over the history of tarot for us and then did a reading for everyone on the team. The readings were highly accurate and many had follow-up questions. It’s been a tough time for the team recently and this event really brought us closer together and gave us some motivation. Thank you Claudine! Amazing time.”


December 2021

We had a great team event with Claudine. She brought the whole team together and made this fun and enjoyable for everyone, even those who were skeptical at first. Well done!


June 2021

This experience was absolutely perfect for my team. Claudine did a terrific job at explaining the history of tarot and how the reading would work so that everyone understood what would be happening.

There was so much wonderful, positive energy in the event. From the ritual with the cocktail to the reading, everyone on my team left feeling in high spirits. It was perfect for a team.


April 2022

“It was the best virtual team build I have ever done! So much fun!!”


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