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Claudine Tarot 6 Copy - Fun Group Tarot

When you bring your team for a tarot event, you want them to be in good hands. My name is Claudine Fle and I am the only host who is a Certified Tarot Consultant, an Intuitive Certified coach backed by an MBA as well as 20+ years of experience.

I wasn’t always a tarot card reader. After getting my MBA from the George Washington University, I worked in corporate America. I started my career with the Washington Times working in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. I then worked in Diplomacy with the Council of American Ambassadors where I accompanied delegations of US Ambassadors to meet with Foreign Dignitaries. More recently, I worked for the Entrepreneurs Organization as the Director of Global Integration where I managed the distribution of tools and resources and networks to more than 14000 entrepreneurs around the world with average revenue of $4.2 million.

I enjoyed my career but there was always something gnawing at me, something urging me to go and explore another dimension of my being. I had as my quest to become the best version of myself and I felt like I was missing something. So I started exploring. I went on to train in many modalities, different types of leadership trainings and healing techniques . One day came across tarot and it was love at first card. I was amazed by the accuracy of the reading and by how it helped me to move my life forward. I am a certified tarot consultant and received my training in tarot card reading from a Master reader and Intuitive who himself trained for over 40 years with the best Masters in Europe and around the world.

Psychics and Intuitives come to me for readings because of the unique combination of skills that I bring to the table. As a tarot reader, an Intuitive and a business strategist, I am able to tap into information and give readings that give clients immediate multidimensional value. I am a certified coach, a graduate of the Leadership Academy in Washington DC, and am a faculty member with the Institlute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning.

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